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CAREER Pathways Challenge

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Summer is coming to an end and 165,000 high-school students are headed back to school.

CAREERS: The Next Generation Foundation (CAREERS) has launched a 30-day challenge to ensure we can continue to work with school partners, to help youth engage in learning, complete high-school, and make choices for post-secondary training. Students gain paid work experience – while in high school – that will help them discover their career path, give them a competitive advantage, and accelerate their entry into the workforce.

CAREERS is challenging people who care about youth career planning and employment to raise $100,000 to help you tackle the coming year with a plan. Funds raised will be used to facilitate student internships for the coming school year in 500 schools and 300 Alberta communities.

Who helped you get your first job?

Supporting our next generation is critical. Youth unemployment in Alberta is more than 12%; double the national average. Indigenous youth face even more challenges and even higher rates of unemployment. University graduates face stiff competition for the jobs they trained for – 50% will seek work in other fields. Students in rural Alberta need to believe in a career future in their home communities. Apprenticeship training in trades is at risk…young people are not seeing their future in the industrial sector…Alberta will always need skilled workers!CAREERS student internships are paid workplace experiences that are very often their first job – We help youth overcome the challenges and discover career passion.

Working together we give youth a promising future.

CAREERS, in partnership with schools and employers, has provided more than 25,000 student internships to date. We know firsthand the importance of connecting learning to earning and setting youth up for life-long success. “These young people are our future leaders, skilled workers and entrepreneurs- they will be in the driver’s seat for our economy. The most valuable career experience we can give a young person is their first job” says Andy Neigel, CAREERS President and CEO.


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