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Donation Matching Program

Make your donation go further thanks to Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink!

CAREERS will receive 100% of EVERY DONATION collected and, through the matching program, will receive extra funding of up to 50% of collected donations.

This means that if you give a one-time flat donation of $50, up to an additional $25 will be added to your donation and given to CAREERS. 

or download the manual pledge form

Donations will be matched up to 50% until Sept. 3, 2017 

Flat Donation
This is a one-time flat amount that you will donate to your selected charity.
($10.00 minimum)  Donations over $5,000 must be paid by cheque. 

Charities will receive 100% of every donation collected on their behalf, as the Shaw Charity Classic tournament will cover all administrative and program expenses. All tax receipts will come from the Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation. 

Thank you to all our generous donors!

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CAREERS: The Next Generation Charitable Registration Number: 88641 3699 RR0001