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Current Employer Partners

- The number in the brackets after the employer name identifies the number of locations.
- (A) Employer of an aboriginal student
- (F) Employer of a female student
- (IN-#) The number of interns with the employer

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16-881 Autobody Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1) Julio's Electric (1)(IN-1)
3E Glass Alberta Limited (1)(A)(IN-2) JV Driver Fabricators (1)(IN-3)
722 World Bier Haus (1)(IN-1) Kal Tire (4)(IN-5)
A&M Mobile Mechanic Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Kansas Ridge Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
A.K. HANDYMAN SERVICE (1)(IN-1) Kare Contracting (1)(IN-1)
A-1 Auto Body (1)(IN-1) KB Heating & Air Conditioning (1)(IN-1)
Absolute Collision (1)(IN-1) Keith's Refrigeration Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Acden Fleet Services (1)(IN-1) Kel-Can Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Adonis Hair Salon (1)(F)(IN-1) KELS Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Adrenaline Powersports (1)(IN-1) Kember Construction (1)(IN-1)
Advance Engineered Products Group (1)(IN-1) Kendale Truck Parts Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Advantage Ford (1)(IN-2) KenLar (1)(IN-2)
Akitt Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Kerr Interior Systems (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (1)(A)(F)(IN-16) Key Mechanical Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Alberta European Motorworks (1)(IN-1) Kipnes Centre for Veterans (1)(F)(IN-1)
Alberta Flares Energy Services Ltd (1)(IN-2) K-Jay Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Glass Company Inc (1)(IN-1) Kles-Air Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
Alberta Health Services (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) KNM Sales and Service (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Junior Forest Rangers (1)(A)(IN-3) Koch Ford Sales (1)(IN-2)
Alberta Motor Products LLP (1)(IN-1) Kodiak Heating & Air Conditioning (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Newsprint Company (1)(A)(F)(IN-5) Kopala Enviromental Service (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Pacific Forest Industries Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-9) KT Plumbing and Heating (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Parking Lot Services (1)(IN-1) Kurt's Iron Works Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Alberta Parks (1)(A)(IN-1) Kwik-Fab Energy Services (1)(F)(IN-1)
Alberta Standard Metal Ind. (1)(IN-1) Lacombe Ford (1)(IN-1)
Albian Sands Energy Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Lagrange Mechanical Services (1)(IN-1)
Alcon Electrical Corp. (1)(IN-2) LB Energy Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Alexander First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-27) LDI Technical Services LTD (1)(IN-1)
Alggin Metal Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Leading Edge Heavy Duty Repair Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
All Around Manufacturing and Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Lear Construction Management Ltd (1)(IN-1)
All Choice Rentals Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Legacy Fire Protection (1)(IN-1)
All Weather Windows (1)(IN-1) Lexus 170 Street (1)(IN-1)
Allied Contractors Inc. (1)(A)(IN-8) LF Collision Repair Centre (1)(IN-1)
Alpine Drywall (Calgary) Ltd (1)(IN-2) LMT Enterprises Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Alpine Heating Ltd. (1)(A)(F)(IN-7) Lock Surgeon (1)(IN-1)
Alstar Oilfield Contractors (1)(IN-1) Louvic Transport (1)(IN-1)
Altaland Steelworks Inc. (1)(IN-4) LSM-Lee`s Sheet Metal Ltd (1)(IN-3)
Altex Security Systems Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-7) Lube City (1)(IN-1)
Aluminum and Glass Worx (1)(F)(IN-2) Lube Stop Systems Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Analog Mechanical Inc. (1)(IN-1) Lynden International Logistics Co. (1)(IN-1)
Anber Sheet Metal Ltd (1)(IN-1) M D of Wainwright #61 (1)(IN-2)
Antler Hill Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1) Machine Pro Design & Mfg. Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Apex Autobody (1)(IN-2) MacKenzie County (1)(IN-1)
Aquatera Utilities (1)(A)(IN-10) Mane Attraction (1)(F)(IN-1)
ARC Resources Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Manhandler Barber Shop (1)(F)(IN-1)
Around the Clock Glass Service (1)(IN-1) Manji Hospitality Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Arpi's North Inc (1)(IN-2) Manning Tirecraft Ltd (1)(IN-1)
ArrKann Trailer & RV Centre (1)(IN-1) Marlborough Ford Sales Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Artisan Energy Solutions (1)(IN-1) Martin Motor Sports (1)(IN-2)
Artistic Bakery (1)(IN-1) Master Electrical (1)(IN-1)
ASM Industries (1)(IN-1) Masterpiece (1)(IN-1)
Aspen Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Maverick Concrete (1)(IN-1)
ATCO Electric (2)(IN-2) Maxim Truck & Trailer (1)(IN-1)
ATCO Gas (1)(A)(IN-4) Mayerthorpe Classic Cuts (1)(F)(IN-1)
ATCO Power (2)(F)(IN-5) McGowan Welding (1)(IN-1)
Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (1)(A)(IN-1) McLevin Industries (1)(IN-1)
Atlantic Pacific Wood Fabrications Ltd. (1)(IN-1) McMullen's Refrigeration & Heating Limited(1)(IN-1)
Auto Trust (1)(IN-1) Median Automotive Sales & Serv Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Auto Value Auto Parts (2)(IN-2) Medicine Valley Transport Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Avodah (1)(IN-1) Meerkerk Stonework and Landscaping Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Axiom Oilfield Solutions Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Metal River Welding (1)(IN-1)
Backyard Alberta (1)(IN-1) Metro Glass Products Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Balzer's Canada Inc. (1)(IN-2) Midlite Construction Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Bangs & Co Hair Studio (1)(F)(IN-1) Mikado Electric (1)(IN-1)
Bassano Auto Body Ltd (1)(IN-2) Mike's Electric (1)(IN-1)
Battle River Implements (1)(IN-1) Mikisew Cree First Nation (1)(A)(IN-7)
Battle River Ironworks Inc. (1)(IN-1) Millar Western Forest Products (2)(A)(IN-7)
Bauer Auto and Tire (1)(IN-1) Mine Cable Services (1)(IN-1)
Bauer Auto Body (1)(IN-1) Misericordia Community Hospital (1)(F)(IN-1)
BCT Structures Inc. (1)(F)(IN-2) MJS Mechanical Ltd (1)(IN-3)
Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids (1)(F)(IN-1) Mobil Heating & Air Conditioning Inc (1)(IN-2)
Beaver First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-4) Modern Niagara Group (1)(IN-1)
Bec Woodcraft (1)(IN-1) Moli Industries (1)(A)(IN-2)
Big Cat Mechanical Ltd (1)(IN-1) Montech Mechanical Industries (1)(A)(IN-1)
Big Country Drilling (1)(IN-1) Moody's Equipment (1)(IN-1)
Big Lakes County (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Moonlight Trailer Service & Repair (1)(IN-1)
Big Rig Collision (1)(IN-1) Morskate Manufacturing (1)(IN-1)
Bigstone Dental Clinic (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Moxie's Grill & Bar (1)(F)(IN-1)
Bigstone Elders' Lodge (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Moziac Hair Design (1)(F)(IN-1)
Bigstone Health Commission (1)(A)(F)(IN-3) Mr. Lube (1)(IN-1)
Bilton Welding & Manufacturing Ltd. (1)(IN-1) MSS Trucking (1)(IN-1)
Binder Construction (1)(IN-1) Muir Construction & Restoration (1)(IN-1)
Bindis Drywall & Tapping (1)(IN-1) Mulder Plumbing and Heating (1)(IN-1)
Bistecca Italian Steakhouse (1)(IN-1) Mystery Plumber (1)(IN-1)
Bistro di Madre Piccola (1)(A)(IN-1) Napa Auto Parts (1)(IN-1)
Black Dog Character Log (1)(IN-1) Nason Contracting Group (1)(IN-3)
Blaskin & Lane (2)(IN-2) NCSG Crane & Heavy Haul Services Ltd(1)(IN-1)
Blood Tribe Agricultural Project (1)(A)(IN-1) NEC Contractors (1)(IN-1)
Blood Tribe Dept Health Centre (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Neerlandia Co-operative Association Ltd(1)(IN-1)
Blood Tribe Public Works (1)(A)(IN-1) Nexen Energy ULC (1)(A)(IN-1)
Bonnyville Health Centre (1)(F)(IN-2) Noble Equipment (1)(IN-1)
Botting & Associates Alberta (1)(IN-1) Nordic Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
BP Mechanical & Consulting Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Norland Cabinetry Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Brian Yanciw - Carpentry (1)(IN-1) North Side Mitsubishi (1)(IN-1)
Browns Social House (1)(IN-1) Northern Lakes College (1)(A)(F)(IN-2)
Browns Socialhouse (1)(IN-1) Northgate Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-2)
Bryshun Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Northland School Division No. 61 (1)(A)(F)(IN-3)
Busted Knuckles Mechanical Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Northplex Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
B-Zee Mechanical Repair Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Northside Auto (1)(IN-1)
C & A Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Northwest Fabricators Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
C R Glass Ltd (1)(IN-1) Nu Vision Industries Inc (1)(IN-1)
Cabinet Expressions (1)(IN-2) Nujen (1)(A)(IN-2)
Cactus Club Salon & Spa (1)(F)(IN-1) OK Ford Sales (1)(IN-1)
Caldwell Contracting (1)(IN-1) OK Tire (2)(F)(IN-2)
Calgary Drop In Center (1)(IN-1) Okotoks Ford Lincoln (1)(IN-1)
Calgary Laboratory Services (2)(F)(IN-3) Okotoks Quick Lane Tire and Auto Centre (1) (IN-1)
Cal-Tech Glass Services Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Olds Custom Construction (1)(IN-1)
Canadian Arena Products (1)(IN-1) Omni Electric (1)(IN-1)
Canadian Natural Resources Limited (3)(A)(IN-11) One On One Hair Design (1)(F)(IN-1)
Canadian Tire (6)(F)(IN-7) Orbit Hydraulics (1)(IN-1)
Canem Systems Ltd (2)(IN-4) Ossa Terra Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Canteen (1)(IN-2) OSUM Production Corp (1)(A)(F)(IN-4)
Canyon Technical Services Ltd (2)(IN-2) Pacific Coast Reinforcing (1)(IN-1)
Capilano Glass 2000 Ltd (1)(IN-1) Paddle Plastics Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Capital City Contracting (1)(IN-1) Paint By Number 567 Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
CapitalCare (5)(F)(IN-7) Parkland Ag & Auto Service (1)(IN-1)
CAREERS: The Next Generation (2)(A)(F)(IN-5) Paul Band Health Centre (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Carmacks Enterprises Ltd. (1)(IN-1) PCL Builders Inc (2)(IN-3)
Cascade Carriers Ltd. (1)(IN-1) PCL Construction Management Inc (1)(IN-1)
Cascade Collision (1)(IN-1) PDS Fire Protection Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Castelli Masonry Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Pembina Pipeline Corporation (1)(IN-1)
C-Bros Contracting Ltd (1)(IN-1) Pentagon Farm Centre (1)(IN-1)
CC Cycle (1)(IN-1) Peter's Home Harmony Centre Ltd (1)(IN-1)
CEDA International Corporation (1)(F)(IN-5) Peterson Auto Body Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Centerline Auto Service (1)(IN-1) Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Central Aire Heating and Air Conditioning (1)(IN-1) Petrocom Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
Centurion Mechanical (1)(A)(IN-2) Phil Pohl Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
Cep Automotive Ltd (1)(IN-1) Phil Soderberg Construction (1)(IN-1)
Cervus Equipment Corporation (2)(IN-3) Phoenix Builders Inc. (1)(IN-1)
CF Industries Inc. (1)(IN-3) Pike Wheaton Chevrolet (1)(IN-1)
CGA Medical Imaging (1)(F)(IN-1) Pinnacle Plants & Contracting Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Chadash Builders (1)(A)(IN-1) Pinnacle Welding Inc (1)(IN-1)
Chandos Construction Ltd (1)(IN-1) Pipeworx (1)(IN-1)
Chinook Carriers Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Plains Fabrication & Supply (1)(F)(IN-2)
Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1) Plamondon Construction (1992) Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Chisholm Mechanical Contractors Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-2) Pomeroy Inn & Suites (1)(A)(IN-1)
Cierra Trucking (1)(IN-1) Ponoka Cabinet Makers Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-1)
Citadel Care Centre (1)(IN-1) Power Collision Centre (1)(IN-1)
City of Calgary (1)(IN-1) Power Merchants Ltd (1)(IN-1)
City of Edmonton (1)(F)(IN-8) Power Works Electrical Ltd (1)(IN-1)
City of Grande Prairie (1)(A)(F)(IN-2) Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25 (1)(IN-1)
City of Lethbridge (1)(F)(IN-5) Prairie Metal Industries Inc (1)(F)(IN-1)
City of Red Deer (1)(IN-2) Prairie Tech Oilfield Services (1)(IN-1)
City of St. Albert (1)(IN-1) Precision Performance Auto Repair (1)(IN-1)
City Plymouth Chrysler (Medicine Hat) Ltd (1)(IN-1) Precision Projects Ltd (1)(IN-2)
City Spring Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Precision Xtreme Powersports (1)(IN-1)
Clearwater County (1)(IN-1) Premiere Custom Homes (1)(IN-1)
CNS Construction (1)(IN-1) Price 4 X 4 & Automotive (1)(IN-1)
Cofely Fabricom Inc. (1)(A)(IN-3) Pro Foxx Energy Services (1)(IN-1)
Collar Tire & Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Pro Tech Transmissions (1)(IN-1)
Collins Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Prodigy Tech Group Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Comfort Heating (1981) Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Proform Concrete Services Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Command Gate (1)(IN-1) Promax Transport (1)(IN-1)
Concept Group (1)(IN-1) PRO-N2 (1)(IN-1)
Concept Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Pro-Tech Insulation Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Concours Collision Centers Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Provost Glass & Door (1)(IN-1)
Constant Fire Protection Systems Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Pulse Plumbing (1)(IN-1)
Contech Electric (1)(IN-1) Purple Scissors (1)(F)(IN-1)
Contempora Construction Inc. (1)(IN-1) Pyramid Corporation (1)(IN-1)
Contemporary Coachworks Ltd. North (1)(IN-1) Pyramid Prefab Piping Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Cookshaw Electric (1975) Ltd. - A division of Kamwin Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-2) QSI Interiors Ltd (2)(A)(IN-9)
Corbeaux Bakehouse (1)(F)(IN-1) Quinn Contracting Ltd. (1)(IN-3)
Cordy Pipelines (1)(IN-1) Radical Restoration & Autobody (1)(IN-1)
Cosmos Collision (1)(IN-1) Rainbow Contractors Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Country Hills Hyundai (1)(F)(IN-1) Ramton Homes Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Country Steel Fabricators Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Randy's Automotive (1)(IN-1)
County of Grande Prairie (1)(A)(IN-1) Rangeland Truck & Crane Ltd (1)(IN-1)
County of Paintearth (1)(IN-1) Raven Truck & Motor Sport (1)(A)(IN-1)
Cousins Concrete and Construction Inc. (1)(IN-1) Rayek Renovations Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Cralan Enterprises Ltd. (1)(IN-2) RBN Mechanical Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Crestview Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1) RCL Metalworks & Repair (1)(IN-1)
Crewes Diesel & Motorsports (1)(IN-1) Redwood Steakhouse MH Lodge (1)(IN-1)
Crossfire Controls Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Reed Energy Group Inc (1)(IN-2)
Crossline Truck & Auto Sales (1)(IN-1) Reliable Sheet Metal (1)(IN-1)
Crystal Glass (1)(F)(IN-2) Reliance Automotive Barrhead Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Current Enterprises Ltd (1)(IN-1) Renaissance Landscapes (1)(IN-1)
Custom Electric Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-4) Revera (1)(IN-1)
D & E Roofing (1)(IN-1) Revolution Mazda (1)(IN-1)
D V Rentals Ltd (1)(IN-1) Richardson Bros. Ltd (1)(IN-3)
D.G's Millshop Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-2) Richardson Oilseed Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Dallas Oberg Auto (1)(IN-1) Richlyn Custom Homes (1)(IN-1)
Dal-Tek Interiors Ltd (1)(IN-1) Ricky's All Day Grill (1)(IN-1)
Dandy Auto/Marine/R.V. (1)(IN-1) Riderz (1)(IN-1)
Danmar Construction Enterprises Inc. (1)(A)(IN-3) Rimk Industries (1)(IN-2)
Danny Wood Construction Inc. (1)(IN-1) Rival Trucking (1)(F)(IN-1)
David Harrison Design Inc. (1)(A)(IN-2) River Cafe (1)(IN-1)
Davis GMC Buick (1)(IN-1) River City Hyundai (1)(F)(IN-1)
DC Automotive and Transmissions Specialist(1)(A)(IN-1) River Valley Log Homes (1)(IN-1)
D-COM Electric & Communications LTD (1)(IN-1) Rivers Electric (Taber) Co. Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Dee-Jay Plumbing & Heating Ltd (1)(IN-1) RJV Electrical (1)(IN-1)
Deermart Equipment Sales Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Rockwater Energy Solutions (1)(IN-1)
Denham Ford (1)(A)(IN-1) Rocky Mountain Equipment (4)(IN-5)
Desa Glass (1)(IN-1) Rocky Mountain Honda Powerhouse (1)(IN-1)
Diamond International Trucks (1)(IN-1) Rocky Mountain Red Iron Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Dirtt Environmental Solutions (1)(IN-1) Ron Prokipchuk Trucking Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Display Fixtures (1)(IN-1) Rossman Farms Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Diversified Transportation Ltd (2)(IN-2) Roughrider International Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1)
DMI Daishowa-Marubeni International Ltd. (1)(IN-11) Rumors Hair & Tanning Salon (1)(F)(IN-1)
DMT Mechanical (1)(IN-2) S & C Charles Farms (1)(IN-1)
DNR Pressure Welding (1)(IN-2) S&S Woodcraft (1)(IN-1)
Don Wheaton Chevrolet/Oldsmobile (1)(A)(IN-1) Safeway (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Double "A" Electric (1)(IN-1) Saunders Landscaping (1)(IN-1)
Dow Chemical Company (2)(IN-9) Save On Foods- Summerside (1)(IN-1)
DRCA Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1) Sawmill Restaurant (1)(IN-1)
Drumheller Chrysler (1)(IN-1) Sawridge First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
DTR Services Ltd (1)(IN-1) Sawridge Inn Edmonton South (1)(F)(IN-1)
Durabuilt Windows & Doors (1)(IN-1) Score Projects Inc. (1)(IN-3)
Dynamic Building Technologies (1)(A)(IN-1) Scorpio Masonry (1)(IN-1)
Earls Kitchen + Bar (3)(F)(IN-4) Scott Builders Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Earl's Restaurant + Bar (5)(F)(IN-5) SemCams (1)(IN-3)
Ecole Secondaire Lacombe Composite HighSchool (1)(IN-1) Seven Generations Energy Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1)
Ecosse Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Shanahan's Limited Partnership (1)(IN-1)
Edmonton Iron Workers Local 720 (1)(IN-1) Shek Interiors (1)(IN-1)
Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort (1)(A)(F)(IN-6) Shell Canada Limited (3)(A)(F)(IN-9)
Edmonton School District No. 7 (1)(IN-2) Sherlock Homes (1)(IN-1)
Edson Top Choice Auto Body (1)(F)(IN-1) Sherwood Care (1)(F)(IN-1)
Elite Electric Co Ltd (1)(IN-1) Siksika Employment & Training Services (1)(A)(F)(IN-25)
Emcee Construction (1)(IN-1) Siksika Public Works (1)(A)(IN-2)
Enbridge Pipeline Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Slave Lake Family Care Clinic (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Enbridge Pipelines Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Slave Lake Healthcare Centre (1)(A)(IN-2)
Enoch Health Centre (1)(A)(F)(IN-3) Slave Lake Housing Authority (1)(A)(IN-1)
Ensteel Industries Ltd (1)(IN-1) Slave Lake Inn and Conference Centre (1)(A)(F)(IN-1)
Environmental Refueling Systems Inc (1)(IN-1) Slave Lake Pulp A Division of West Fraser Mills Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Epic Roofing & Exteriors Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Small Power Barrhead Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Ethereal Hair (1)(F)(IN-1) Smart Auto & Tire (1)(IN-1)
Eton-West Construction Inc (2)(IN-3) Smart Style (1)(F)(IN-1)
Evens Collision (1)(IN-1) Smith Builders (1)(IN-1)
Executive Millwork Inc. (1)(F)(IN-1) Sobeys (2)(A)(F)(IN-2)
Expert General Contracting (1)(IN-1) Solaris Electric Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Expert Lock Services Ltd. (1)(F)(IN-1) Solid Angle Homes Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Extendicare (3)(F)(IN-6) So-Lo Auto Repair (1)(IN-1)
Factory Hair Studio (1)(F)(IN-1) Sophear Restaurant & Bar (1)(F)(IN-1)
FalCan Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Southland International Trucks (1)(IN-2)
Falco Electrical Systems Ltd (1)(IN-1) Southland Trailer Corp. (1)(IN-3)
Fast Boys Roofing (1)(A)(IN-1) Southland Transportation Ltd (2)(IN-3)
Fibertel Communications Inc (1)(IN-1) Southland Transportation Ltd. (2)(F)(IN-2)
Fillmore Construction (1)(IN-5) Spa Fixations (1)(F)(IN-1)
Fix Auto (2)(F)(IN-3) Spark Heating & Air Conditioning (1)(IN-1)
Flirt Hair and Spa Inc. (1)(F)(IN-1) Spider Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Flynn Canada Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Spruce Grove Hyundai (1)(IN-1)
Foothills Carpentry (1)(IN-1) Stalwart Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Form-Tech Machining Ltd. (1)(IN-1) State & Main (1)(IN-1)
Fort McKay First Nation (1)(A)(F)(IN-19) Statoil Canada Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1)
Fort McKay Savanna Oilfield Rentals (1)(IN-1) Stellar Electric (2)(A)(IN-2)
Fort McMurray Metis Local 1935 (1)(A)(F)(IN-28) Stella's Diner (1)(IN-1)
FortisAlberta (9)(A)(F)(IN-12) Stephane's Mobile Repair Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Fountain Tire (5)(IN-6) Stetson Hinton GMC Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Four Elements Electric (1)(IN-1) Stranville Living (1)(F)(IN-1)
Francesco's Professional Hair Group (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Stroh's Custom Collision Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Freetek Construction Ltd (1)(IN-1) Strongco Equipment (1)(IN-1)
Friesen's Climate Control (1)(IN-1) Structural Truss Systems Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Fuller Austin Inc (1)(IN-2) Summit International (1)(F)(IN-1)
Future Ag Inc. (1)(IN-1) Sunco Drywall Ltd (1)(F)(IN-3)
G & G Plumbing & Heating (1)(IN-1) Suncor Energy Inc (1)(A)(F)(IN-13)
G&S Airport Conveyor (1)(A)(IN-1) Sunnyhill Electric (1)(IN-1)
Gateway Autopro (Mechanical) (1)(IN-1) Sur-Tak Welding (1)(F)(IN-1)
Gateway Mechanical Services (1)(IN-1) Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill (2)(IN-2)
Glas Equipment Ltd (1)(IN-1) Syncrude Canada Ltd (2)(A)(F)(IN-53)
Glass Doctor of Calgary (1)(A)(IN-1) Tallcree First Nation (1)(A)(IN-1)
Glens Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Target Construction (1)(IN-1)
Glow Hair and Body Ltd (1)(F)(IN-1) Tarpon Energy Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Gold Seal Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Tasa Welding Ltd (1)(IN-1)
GoldBar Contractors Inc (2)(IN-2) TCB Trailers and Repair LTD (1)(IN-1)
Gord Smereka Carpentry (1)(IN-1) TD Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
Grande Prairie Regional College (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Techmation Electric & Controls Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Grande Tire (1)(IN-1) Territorial Electric Ltd (1)(IN-2)
Grandview Auto Service (1)(IN-1) The Diesel Shop (1)(IN-1)
Grant Metal Products Ltd. (1)(IN-1) The Kitchen Centre Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Great Clips (2)(F)(IN-2) The Old Spaghetti Factory (1)(A)(IN-1)
GreekTown Kitchen & Wine Bar (1)(IN-1) The Stove Pipe Company (1)(IN-1)
Green Build Interior Systems Ltd. (1)(IN-3) The Tire Warehouse (1)(IN-1)
Greenslades Northern Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1) ThinkTank Products Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Griffin Glass (1981) Ltd. (1)(IN-2) Tiger Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Griffiths Ford (1)(IN-1) Timko Developments Ltd (1)(IN-2)
H. Wilson Industries Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Tingley's Harvest Center (1)(IN-1)
Hagen Electric (1)(IN-1) Tirecraft (2)(IN-2)
Hair Central (1)(F)(IN-1) TJ's Auto (1)(IN-1)
Hair Experts Salon & Beauty Store (1)(F)(IN-1) TKM Contracting (1)(IN-1)
Hair Fusion (1)(F)(IN-1) TOC Hair Studio Akademy (1)(F)(IN-1)
Hairbenders Inc (1)(F)(IN-2) Tofield Seniors Lodge (1)(F)(IN-1)
Haitel's Garage (1)(IN-1) Tolko Industries LTD. (4)(A)(F)(IN-8)
Hallmark Auto Body Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Touche Salon (1)(F)(IN-1)
Hanlon Ag Centre (1)(IN-1) Tourmaline Oil Corporation (1)(IN-1)
Hanna Chrysler Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Town of Drayton Valley (1)(F)(IN-3)
Hanna Motor Products (1)(IN-1) Town of Olds (1)(IN-1)
Hantan Auto Ltd (1)(A)(IN-1) Town of Whitecourt (1)(IN-2)
Headzup Electrical Ltd. (1)(IN-1) TransAlta Corporation (1)(A)(F)(IN-6)
Heavy Industries (1)(IN-2) Traxx Coachlines (1)(IN-1)
Hellbound Services (1)(IN-1) TRB Finishing (1)(IN-1)
Henday Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Tri-Ag Implements (1)(IN-1)
Heritage Chrysler Jeep (1)(IN-1) Trilogy Energy (1)(F)(IN-4)
Heritage Inn Hotel & Convention Centre (1)(IN-1) Tri-us Exteriors (1)(IN-1)
HHD Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Trotter & Morton Ltd. (1)(IN-3)
High Line Electrical Constructors Ltd (1)(A)(IN-1) Tru Elegance Salon (1)(F)(IN-1)
High Prairie School Division Bus Garage (1)(IN-1) True North Ford (1)(A)(IN-1)
High River Tractorland (1)(IN-1) Tundra Environmental & Geotechnical Drilling (1)(IN-1)
HighPeak Framing (1)(IN-1) Twintel Communications (1)(IN-1)
Highway 43 Service Inc (1)(IN-1) United Decorating Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Hildebrand Motors Ltd. (1)(IN-1) University of Alberta (1)(F)(IN-2)
Hilgersom Paving Stone & Landscaping Inc.(1)(IN-1) University of Calgary (1)(IN-1)
Hillside Home Improvements (1)(IN-1) Uptown Automotive Services (1)(F)(IN-1)
Hinton Pulp (1)(F)(IN-6) Urban Performance Auto (1)(IN-1)
HiTec Fuel Systems (1)(IN-1) Value Drug Mart (2)(F)(IN-5)
Hi-way Auto Body (1)(IN-1) Van Beek Developments Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Hoover Mechanical Plumbing and Heating (1)(IN-1) Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-1)
Horizon Electric Inc. (1)(IN-2) Vanee Farm Centre (1)(IN-1)
Horizon North Camps & Catering (1)(A)(F)(IN-1) Vectus Inc. (1)(IN-2)
Howell's Excavating Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Veldman Roofing Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Hughes Auto Repair (1)(IN-1) Venta Care Centre (1)(F)(IN-2)
Husky Energy Inc (2)(F)(IN-4) Verduyn Homes Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Husky Oil Operations Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Vermilion Plumbing and Heating (1)(IN-1)
Huxted Waste Disposal (1)(IN-1) Vet's Sheet Metal Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
HVAC Solutions (1)(F)(IN-1) Viking Fire Protection Inc (1)(IN-1)
Hydro Scotford Inc (1)(IN-3) Village Honda (1)(F)(IN-1)
Ibaa Faltaous Professional Corp (1)(F)(IN-1) Vortex Production Services (1)(IN-1)
Icom Refrigeration (1)(IN-1) Warwick Structures Group (1)(IN-1)
Ideal Contract Service Ltd (1)(F)(IN-3) Watts Projects Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Ideal Contract Services Ltd (1)(IN-1) Weidner Motors Limited (1)(F)(IN-2)
Imperial Oil (1)(F)(IN-3) Weiss Mechanical Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Indigo Construction Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Well-Tech Energy Services Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Industrial Waterproof Systems (1)(IN-1) Wescom Glass & Aluminum Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Inline Welding Ltd. (1)(IN-1) West Central Heavy Duty Repair (1)(IN-1)
Innisfail Chrysler (1)(IN-1) Westcor Construction (1)(IN-1)
Innisfail Golf Club (1)(IN-1) Westergard Motors Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Inova Electrical Inc (1)(IN-1) Western Electrical Management Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Inphase Electric Inc. (1)(IN-1) Western Millcraft Inc. (1)(F)(IN-3)
Insight Electrical Technologies (1)(IN-1) Western Paint and Bodyworks Inc. (1)(IN-1)
Insite Electrical Technologies Ltd (1)(IN-1) Western Rentals and Sales (1)(IN-2)
Intec Mechanical (1)(IN-1) Western Tractor (1)(IN-1)
Intercare (3)(F)(IN-3) Westridge Electric Ltd (1)(IN-1)
International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Lodge 146 (1)(F)(IN-2) Weyerhaeuser Company Ltd. (1)(A)(IN-6)
Intrepid Insulating (1)(F)(IN-1) Whillans Mechanical (1)(IN-1)
Iron Eagle Sheet Metal Ltd (1)(IN-1) White Dahlia Salon & Spa (1)(F)(IN-1)
J & J Electric Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Whitecourt Transport (1)(IN-1)
Jacobs Industrial Services Ltd (1)(IN-1) Whitemud Ironworks Group (2)(A)(F)(IN-5)
Jacquie's Salon & Spa (1)(F)(IN-1) WHS Heating & Ventilation (1)(IN-1)
Jaeger Electric (1)(IN-2) Wild Country Powersports (1)(IN-1)
Jake Klassen Plumbing and Gasfitting (1)(IN-2) Wild Rows Pump & Compression Ltd (1)(IN-1)
James Electric Motor Services Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Wilden's Service Ltd. (1)(IN-2)
Jay Dan Transport Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Willowbrook Homes Inc (1)(IN-1)
Jay Murphy Flooring (1)(IN-1) Willows Plumbing & Heating (1)(IN-1)
Jeftec Auto Services Inc. (1)(F)(IN-1) Winwood Construction Ltd (1)(IN-1)
Jiffy Construction (1)(IN-1) Wireworks Electrical Services Inc (1)(IN-1)
Jiffy Lube (1)(IN-1) Wood Buffalo Building Supplies (1)(A)(IN-1)
JOEY Eau Claire (1)(IN-1) Woodlands County (1)(IN-1)
Joey Restaurants (1)(A)(IN-1) Woodridge Ford Lincoln Ltd. (1)(IN-1)
Joey's Restaurants (1)(IN-1) WorleyParsons (1)(IN-1)
John Deere (1)(IN-1) Wrench Masters (1)(IN-1)
John D'or Prairie School (1)(A)(F)(IN-6) Wrench's Cycle & ATV (1)(IN-2)
Johns Manville Canada (1)(IN-2) Yann Haute Patisserie (1)(F)(IN-1)
J-Pro Construction Ltd. (1)(IN-1) Youville Home (1)(F)(IN-2)
Juliee Landscaping INC. (1)(IN-1)