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Hilton Mierau Award of Excellence in Off-Campus Learning

Nominations opening soon.

The Hilton Mierau Award of Excellence in Off-Campus Learning recognizes two outstanding Off-Campus Coordinators each year, in both Northern and Southern Alberta.

Recipients will also receive a $250 scholarship to present to an eligible* graduating student in a CAREERS program at their school. *The student recipient must be able to provide proof of registration in an approved post secondary training program leading to certification in a trade, technical occupation and/or health care field, in order to receive the scholarship funds. 

 If your school's Off-Campus Coordinator is a champion of off-campus programs and inspires students to explore careers, demonstrates innovation in promoting programs, and know the industries involved inside and out -please consider nominating him or her for this award.

CAREERS: The Next Generation and its industry partners create opportunities for motivated high school students to experience internships in trades, technologies and health care; and this could not be done without the help of Off-Campus Coordinators. These individuals work tirelessly to inform students of relevant details and deadlines, and often walk them through the entire application process. They support their students in the hard times and celebrate the great moments and resulting success.

Hilton Mierau was a tradesman, school teacher, curriculum leader and field director with CAREERS: The Next Generation. Those who knew him say he had a gift for connecting with people and he did not believe in a “bad kid” or an “unteachable” student.

The Hilton Mierau Award of Excellence in Off-Campus Learning honors two outstanding Off- Campus Coordinators every year, one from Northern Alberta and one from Southern Alberta. This award was established by CAREERS through a donation by the Heck family, and includes a $250 scholarship* to be awarded to a student within the school of the named recipient.

*The $250 student scholarship will be presented to a qualified student within the school of the recipient, provided they meet the following eligibility criteria:

• Student must be attending the school of the award recipient
• Student must have participated in a CAREERS: The Next Generation off-campus program in the current school year, prior to graduation
• Student has displayed commitment to learning in the workplace and has received a recommendation from his/her employer
• Student has been accepted to attend a post-secondary institution or industry certification program in one of the CAREERS programs (Trades, Forestry, Health, PFO, Power Engineering)
• Scholarship will be awarded to student at an annual school awards celebration, in which a CAREERS Field Director will be in attendance.

If you have witnessed or worked with an outstanding Off-Campus Coordinator you feel that should be recognized for their contributions to the career development of youth in Alberta, please review and complete the nomination package.

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