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Cenovus Energy 4th Class Power Engineering Award

Nominations opening soon.

The Cenovus Energy Award of Excellence in 4th Class Power Engineering was created to recognize promising interns and outstanding mentors and who are pursuing and contributing to the dynamic field within power engineering. 

The CAREERS 4th Class Power Engineering Program creates two opportunities for recognition: 

  1. Motivated high school students who choose to manifest their interest, enthusiasm, and ambition for power engineering as a career pathway by being selected and practicing through the CAREERS power engineering internship in Grade 10 to Grade 12.
  2. Power Engineer mentors who are knowledgeable, enthusiastic about their career, and who demonstrate excellent mentorship traits with student power engineering interns.

One student and one mentor will be selected from Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta for a total of four (4) awards. The student interns receiving this award are also eligible for a $200 scholarship*. *Student recipients must be able to provide proof of registration in an approved post secondary power engineering or related program leading to certification, in order to receive the scholarship funds. 

If you have observed and/or worked with a promising intern who should be recognized for their contributions to the CAREERS 4th Class Power Engineering program, please review and complete the nomination.

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Having an excellent mentor, combined with an excellent intern, is instrumental in developing Alberta’s youth and achieving our mutual goals:

  • Increase awareness of careers in power engineering
  • Build employability and marketability skills in youth
  • To grow a future 4th class power engineering talent pool in Alberta

If your power engineer mentor achieves excellence in their work as a power engineer, please consider nominating them for this award.

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